Entre le livre animé et le livre d’artiste La page se réinvente


  • Gaëlle Pelachaud Artiste, Livre d'artiste

Parole chiave:

Interactive; manipulation; artist book


Animated book, paper sculpture, new story medium, digital applications offer interactive manipulation. The animated book allows you to enter the universe of movement and page depth. The pages take on volume, images arise from the works, unfurl, fly away, come alive. It contains mechanisms making it interactive. Throughout its history, the book’s organizational structure has undergone constant change, as techniques evolve and tools change. Nowadays, the animated book is more alive than ever, it is a medium of history.  Animated books offer interactive manipulation. The artist’s book, more than any other type of book, requires an active apprehension of the object, both on a perceptual and cognitive level.  It reinvents itself, often compared to architecture.  We discover in this metamorphosis of the book that there is a close link between the various research on the structures of the paper book and the new technologies. The work on the image, the illustration present in the paper works, play on screen. On the screen, the visualization of the mechanisms allows the figures to move. The cut in the page animates the book, it divides it in sequential plan like screen pages. Book-object and book-dream, have become, thanks to digital techniques, virtual book, to leaf through on screen.