Il restauro dei libri animati moderni: una sfida sulle problematiche metodologiche e pratiche conservative


  • Ambra D'Aleo Centro Conservazione e Restauro La Venaria Reale
  • Claudia Garofalo Restauratrice

Parole chiave:

Restauro; catalogazione; progetto di ricerca;


This research project was carried out by the Laboratorio di Restauro Carta e Fotografia of the Centro

Restauro “La Venaria Reale”, together with the Fondazione Tancredi di Barolo and the “Cecilia Gilardi”

Foundation. The aim of this research was to provide technical and conservative analyses of the principle

categories of modern moveable books, dating between the end of the eighteenth century and the first

half of the twentieth century. Thanks to the guidance and expertise of the President of the Fondazione

Tancredi di Barolo, Pompeo Vagliani, a study of the various examples of moveable books was undertaken.

First of all, the main types of damage were detected, mainly connected to the animation mechanisms and

the nature of the materials used in these books. After that, four representative books were selected for a

complete restoration work. These were a scenic book “Theatre Miniature”, a tab and flap book “Surprise

picture from fairy land”, a changing pictures book “Voici Le Marchand d’image a surprise”, and a unique

book, a “pull tab” made by hand by Luisella Terzi for Paola Lombroso, entitled “Le fiabe di zia Maria Mariu”.

The real challenge was the search for and the choice of original materials following specific tests in order

to find the conservative materials that were most suitable for the restoration of these texts. This choice was

made following scientific studies to identify the original materials used. What guided the planning and

execution of this process were considerations of their use and the attempt to recreate the working of these

“play things”. The book, “le Fiabe di Zia Mariu”, a unique and artisanal object, was presented as a case study

at the Conference because of its particular quality and historical value in the collection.




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