La magia dei libri pop-up Restauro di libri rari e straordinari


  • Francesca Telli Conservatrice
  • Sara Degrado Valdevira Conservatrice

Parole chiave:

restauro; libri animati; conservazione;


Pop-up books are rare and extraordinary paper engineering experiments. Three characteristics define

them: three-dimensionality, movement and playful character. To explain all their wonder or demonstrate

their axioms, they require a different interaction of the reader, such as adding or replacing, reading or

simply turning pages, unfolding flaps or rotating discs that generate kinetic or three-dimensional effects.

Factors such as the rarity and uniqueness of these documents, the vicissitudes of the assembly and the

preservation of figures that, despite their fragility, have been designed for manipulation make their

conservation difficult.




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